Edible Flower Pack Collection (40 Plant)
There is no better way to bring an element of sophistication to your kitchen than introducing edible plants to your palette. They can be used as parts of salads or as ways to dress up your plate and each plant...
Colourful Courgette Organic Collection (12 Plants)
The courgette is one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow at home. Not only do they grow quickly, but they attract lots of pollinators into your space. The thick green shoots produce small yellow flowers that quickly develop into...
Beetroot Mix Organic Collection (30 Plants)
Beetroot is one of the most popular root vegetables in the UK. This small, round tuber has an earthy and slightly bitter taste that works really well to balance out flavours mint or pepper. Beetroot are packed full of fiber,...
Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Meadow Large Plugs Plants Collection (100 Plants)
Bees and butterflies are one of the most important indicators of a healthy garden. They help to pollinate all the plants in your space, bringing the garden to life and improving all the plant life around it. This collection of...
Strawberries Throughout The Season Collection (9 Plants)
An ideal fruit to grow in a container or small garden, the strawberry is a British classic. These easy to grow strawberries are great for new growers and expert cooks alike.. The thin green stems produce light green serrated leaves...
Tomato Colourful Organic Collection (15 Plants)
One of the most popular vegetables in the country, the tomato is a versatile food that can be used in a salad, sauce or even bread. These beautiful tall plants will produce a thick bush of green leaves which produce...
Root Veg Organic Collection (60 Plants)
Root vegetables are a key component of every dinner you love from your childhood. Roast dinners and bubble and squeak are all based around these vegetables, and they can be made to create some of the nation’s favourite soups and...
Quick Growing Salad Organic Collection (90 Plants)
There is not much better on a hot day than a refreshing salad in the garden, but salad that you have grown yourself is both cheaper and fresher tasting. This collection of quick growing salad plants is ideal if you...
Gourmet Brassica Organic Collection (60 Plants)
Brassicas are some of the healthiest vegetables you can have in your diet. Filled with fiber, vitamin c and iron, these greens are the superfoods that will fuel any healthy lifestyle. This collection of vegetable plug plants gives you everything...
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