Pre-paid Perennial Subscription
Elevate your garden with the beauty and resilience of perennials! Introducing our Monthly Perennial Plant Outdoor Subscription, specially curated for garden enthusiasts and nature lovers. What You Get: 9 Premium Perennial Plants: Each month, receive a selection of nine unique perennial...
Pre-paid Shrub Subscription
Invite the dynamic allure of shrubs to your garden or patio with our Seasonal Shrub Subscription. With a harmonious blend of foliage and form, these hardy plants offer a visual treat while providing structure and continuity to your outdoor spaces....
Pre-paid Hanging Basket Subscription
Add a cascading splash of color and life to your spaces with our Seasonal Hanging Basket Subscription. Perfect for balconies, patios, and entrances, each hanging basket is a living piece of art, designed to dazzle through every season. What You...
Pre-paid Patio Planter Subscription
Transform your patio, terrace, or doorstep into a vibrant showcase with our Seasonal Patio Planter Subscription. Every planter is a harmonious blend of seasonal plants, designed to captivate and create a refreshing outdoor vignette throughout the year. What You Get:...
Pre-paid Edible Subscription
Embrace the bounty of nature with our Seasonal Edibles Subscription. Tailored for culinary enthusiasts, gardeners, and anyone keen on sourcing their food freshly from the earth, this subscription is a delightful journey through the flavours of the seasons. What You...
Pre-paid Alpine Subscription
Elevate your garden experience with our Alpine Plants Subscription! Echoing the rugged beauty of mountainous terrains, alpine plants bring a unique blend of resilience and charm. Whether you're an avid rock gardener or simply love the allure of these hardy...
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