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Wholesale Ordering, Step by Step Guide

by Plants for all Seasons

Welcome to Plants for all Seasons Wholesale Step by Step guide. Here you will see more detail on creating your first order with us.


The first thing you will need to do is register with us. We need a few basic details from either your business or as an individual buyer. Register here and one of our team will set up your wholesale account within 24 hours. Login and password will be supplied via the email you provide in the registration process.


Next, login to our wholesale platform via our grower portal, Login Here. Here you have access to thousands of plants from hundreds of specialist growers. The first things you'll want to do is...

1. Select a departure date. These are our set departure dates from Holland and usually cover the next couple of weeks in advance.

2. Choose your category from either Plants or Flowers. 


You're now set up to browse all plants we have available.. it's a lot! We find using the pre built filters or search bar the easiest to find what you are looking for. Remember, plants will often be under their species name as opposed to common names, for example 'Monstera' for Cheese Plants, 'Dieffenbachia' for Dumb Cane and so on.

1. Pre Set Filters

2. Search Bar



When you find plants you like, we suggest using the 'Wish List' function if you are building a product library for a later date. On our platform the basket/ cart is a live order, meaning once you add the plants to your basket they are confirmed with the grower and reserved. Plants and prices change hourly/ daily so through this system we can ensure the item is reserved for you.

IMPORTANT - Ahead of each departure date, the basket is locked in on the Sunday prior at noon to allow each grower to delivery the plants to our importer. This is critical step to ensure plants from all over Holland and Europe reach our central location for export. Note after Sunday 12 noon orders will not be able to be edited and will need to be paid for when invoiced.


At this stage the order has been locked in and we require payment prior to dispatch. We will send you an invoice via our website where you can pay via Card, Apple/ Google Pay or Paypal. If you are looking to order a large amount weekly and require net 30 days payment terms, please contact us to set this up prior to ordering.


Once all plants have been gathered at our central location in Holland, they are inspected for quality and to ensure they are pest free. They are loaded onto trolleys and make their way to us overnight.


Plants arrive with us every Thursday and are inspected by DEFRA on arrival into the country. Once they reach our tropical nursery our team conduct one last check before they are ready to be assigned delivery to you.


We have two option for delivery. If the order is 1 trolley or above then this is delivered via direct courier and we charge £50 per trolley delivery, this option is by far the most economical and customers benefit from a leading industry rate. Note plants will arrive on trolleys and we require them to be unloaded and trolleys returned in the same transaction.

You can see the trolley count under the basket, which will update as you add items to your basket.

The second option is for smaller orders below 1 trolley, where we use our regular courier partner DHL. Plants are packed into boxes and delivery charge is £6.99 per box. As a guide, each line item requires it's own box and delivery charge.

The example below has 5 line items, which equates to 5 boxes and 5 delivery charges. Note, if we manage to use less boxes, we will credit the overcharge.

If you have any questions on the ordering process, or want a delivery charge estimate, please contact us via email and our team will be happy to help.

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