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Wholesale Guides

Using Wholesale Platform Price Lists

by Plants for all Seasons

Our wholesale platform offers unparalleled access to europe's plant growers. Here is a short guide to making the most of our wholesale offer.

Once logged in, to the left side you can select from a variety of price lists which are different collections of plants on offer.


1. Arrangements are plants that come as a complete offer for the end customer, for example with a decorative ceramic pot, or can even include moss, ornaments and coloured pebbles.

2. Auction Pre Sale offers the chance to buy plants on offer that are going to the Holland Auction. Here you get exclusive access to them first at discounted prices.

3. Decorative Pots offers a wide range of pots in different sizes, styles and materials.

4. Direct from the grower offers plants that come straight from the glasshouse, meaning the freshest plants always arrive with us.

You can also download all price lists at the bottom of the page and add a mark up for customers depending on your usage.


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