Eupatorium Cannabinum Aquatic Pond Plant - Hemp Nettle
Eupatorium cannabinum, commonly known as Hemp Agrimony or Common Hemp-nettle, is a perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is native to Europe and Asia and is known for its tall stature and clusters of small, pinkish-purple...
Canna Happy Julia Aquatic Pond Plant - Water Canna
Very showy salmon red flowers with dark bronze foliage. Compact plant. Description: Canna plants are known for their tropical appearance, large foliage, and vibrant flowers. While specific characteristics may vary, Canna plants typically grow as tall, robust perennials. They feature...
Canna Happy Emily Aquatic Pond Plant - Water Canna
Canna 'Happy Emily' is a specific cultivar of Canna plant known for its vibrant flowers and striking foliage. Here's a detailed description and care guide for Canna 'Happy Emily': Description: Canna 'Happy Emily' is a tall, robust perennial plant that...
Canna Happy Wilma Aquatic Pond Plant - Water Canna
Large, bright tangerine orange flowers with burgundy foliage. Compact growing habit. Description: Canna plants are tropical or subtropical flowering plants known for their bold, large leaves and vibrant, showy flowers. They are grown for both their foliage and their flowers,...
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